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Year-End Giving & Sharing, Zukowski Foundation 2015

It’s that time of year again… where I get a chance to both thank you for your continued support while at the same time remind you what a difference you make in helping our foundation succeed in accomplishing our vision & mission.

Our Foundation completed it’s seventh full year of operations in 2015 and continued to grow to record numbers!  We deepened our relationships with many organizations that are focused on helping children n the United States.  Some of those programs included The Hole in the Wall Gang, Special Olympics, ARC, The Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital and The Ronald MacDonald’s House, just to mention a few.  We were also fortunate to be able to continue to expand our direct impact efforts through our scholarship program as well as our basic needs program which reaches out and touches many underprivileged children struggling to have their everyday basic needs met, such as food, clothing & shelter.

I know everyone has multiple charities and commitments that you focus on throughout the year however I’d like to ask that as we start to closeout 2015 and there’s an opportunity or need to make additional tax deductible contributions that you give consideration to The Zukowski Family Foundation.

This past year we had the opportunity to redesign our website… I hope you take a minute to visit us at   

I’ve also attached 2014 yearend letter to give everyone a more broader view on what we focused on and accomplished in 2014… stay-tuned for our 2015 yearend letter which will be published in Q-1 2016. 

As always we appreciate any consideration that you might be able to give, no matter how small the amount.  Knowing that other’s share in our vision and quest to have a positive impact on children in the U.S. is what truly matters. 

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

Warm Regards and Happy Holidays
Ray & Cheryl

P.S.: you can donate through our website or mail a check to:
Zukowski Family Foundation
15 Rue Grande Mer
Palm Coast FL.32137