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Our Mission

Our mission is to have a positive influence on students willing to experience change and who are eager and open to self-improvement.

Our Vision

The goals of the Zukowski Family Foundation are, in principle, to help students in such a way that they are most inspired to help themselves. The best kinds of interventions are those that do not make individuals dependent upon assistance and those that are specifically targeted to an individual’s need. Intervention is valuable when it improves lives, is focused, practical and needed.

3-pronged approach

focused on students & teachers:

Scholarship Award Program:

We will work with a school and teachers to help identify students in need who are eager to further their educational endeavor. Great synergies can happen when teamwork is present between educators, students and mentors who want to help. A positive attitude about learning, combined with the desire to achieve is paramount in academic settings. We believe that scholarship is not a passive noun that describes simply an amount of money; scholarship is the active attainment of knowledge and the thirst to develop one’s intellectual gifts.

Scholarship Criteria: Someone who might not otherwise have an opportunity, works hard, and has the drive and desire to be better.

The Scholarship Process is as Follows:

Basic Needs Program:

This is aimed at those less fortunate and those in dire need of the everyday basics (food, clothing, shelter, school supplies), so that they can be better equipped to take advantage of their educational surroundings.

the Leon T. Banas educator recognition award:

We aim to recognize and reward educators who go above and beyond the call of duty, without any additional compensation or recognition. The passion that teachers demonstrate, each and every day, is laudable. The hard work and extra effort that faculty members devote on behalf of their students often makes the critical difference in the lives of learners everywhere.

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