A Message from the Founders

The Zukowski Family Foundation was founded by myself (Ray Zukowski), my wife Cheryl, and our two children R.J. and Carissa. It is designed to help children as well as individuals or organizations directly involved with helping children. Whether the children are in need of help in advancing their educational endeavors or are in need of the everyday basics such as food, clothing, shelter, and school supplies our foundation will strive to meet those needs.

We included Terryville as a recipient of funds due to my fond memories of all those involved in helping me along my journey. I realize that there were many coaches, teachers, neighbors, and friends that helped guide me through some tough teen years and helped solidify my values as a leader today. I can only hope to play a role in helping others the same way others have helped and guided me.

The Foundation is supported by a great group of close friends that make up our Board of Directors and volunteer 100% of their time to help us make a difference. Our board of directors consists of family members and outside educators, including a professor from the University of Maryland.

For more about the board members: Meet the Board Members

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