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The Zukowski Family Foundation End of Year Letter 2009

WOW! I can’t believe we just completed our first full year of operations and what a year it was. Our timing could not have been better for starting our foundation to help others. The prolonged recession is taking its toll on everyone and more and more people are finding their way to our foundation, both contributing as well as seeking help and support.

In the last twelve months we’ve increased our funds by more than $44,000.00, through investment gains and additional contributions, mostly from friends and family members sharing my passion and mission in being a positive influence to others.

We’ve also had a very active first year in reaching out and touching several individuals and organizations, all of which resulted in more than $31,000.00 being committed and distributed over the past twelve months. Some of the organizations and individuals we formed relationships with included:

  • ARC – The Association for Retarded Citizens
  • SHU – Sacred Heart University
  • Marymount University – on behalf of Paul Reynolds, scholarship recipient
  • Marist College – on behalf of Danielle Drenga, scholarship recipient
  • Bryant College – on behalf of Alivia Rhault, scholarship recipient
  • University of Hartford – on behalf of Samantha Stokes scholarship recipient
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Terryville High School on behalf of our teachers’ award program in the name of Joe Stefanski and Sharon Newcity.
  • Several food pantries and soup kitchens throughout Maryland and Connecticut

Each of the above takes a great deal of time and effort. We don’t just write a check, we attempt to form a relationship which means we hold interviews with foundation board members, we attend special events supporting the causes, we volunteer to work for the cause, we often make on site visits, attend marketing and communication events and so much more; in short, we attempt to be more than a check writing venue through our personal touch and involvement.

I continue to be humbled and grateful for the fact that our foundation is run by volunteers, which helps ensure that a 100% of funds go directly to people in need. It goes without saying that I could not continue this part of my journey without being surrounded by a fantastic group of board members and a close knit group of friends that share my vision and passion to make a difference. Some of those individuals include: Cheryl, R.J. and Carissa Zukowski, Tom and Paula Banas, Todd Shaw, Joe Proulx, and Jim List. I’d like to thank each of you for your continued support and perspectives, insights, and truly being great discussion partners throughout the year. We would not be where we are without all your help, dedication and efforts in getting our foundation off the ground.

Well, in reflecting back and in closing, our first full year is in the books and it exceeded all my expectations. We started out strong, found our way into more organizations and reaching more individuals than planned, distributed more funds than planned and ended with more contributions than planned, allowing us to finish in a stronger position than our starting point. All in all, a FANTASTIC first year.

The goal now is to have a record year every year!

Please share our goal in helping us reach more people in need by making a tax deductible contribution to our foundation.


Best Regards! — Ray and Cheryl Zukowski

Make checks payable to The Zukowski Family Foundation and mail to P.O. Box 87 Clarksville, MD 21029