The Zukowski Family Foundation provided me with a scholarship to pursue my dreams of college and becoming an educator. This scholarship gave me financial peace of mind while I worked hard to achieve my goals. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Hartford in May 2013 and now work for the Plymouth Public Schools, the same school district that inspired me to become a teacher. Without the help of the Zukowski Family Foundation, I would never have been able to become the successful woman I dreamed of.
Danielle Drenga
The Zukowski Family Foundation generously awards scholarships to graduating students who are going on to college. One of those students recently graduated with a degree in teaching with a 4.0gpa. This young woman has found life can be rough at times, but she still perseveres. The generosity of the Zukowski Family Foundation and their continued interest in her future, allow her to experience the dedication and commitment of an organization along with a sense of belonging.
The Zukowski Family Foundation has helped so many families over the past five years I cannot even put a number to it. As a point of contact I have gotten to see first hand the surprised and ever grateful faces of those students and families that have benefited from the generosity and kindness that the Zukowski Family Foundation has provided. During the holidays families through unfortunate circumstances found it difficult to provide a festive holiday family dinner were blessed with a full and complete holiday feast sponsored by the Zukowski Family Foundation. The look of thankfulness and gratitude from the recipients is so overwhelming to me as an individual and I am so appreciative in being able to play a small role in the workings “magic” of the Zukowski Family Foundation.
It is the personal connection and commitment from the members of the foundation that will positively influence their lives for many years to come.
Amy Radke

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