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Please use the form below to apply for your scholarship. Keep in mind that the deadline for this application is April 12th.

You can download a Microsoft Word copy of the application here if you would prefer to email your submission.

Please note: You cannot save this application once you have begun. If you would like to have more time to think through and answer your questions, you can download the Microsoft Word copy of the application, and then copy & paste your answers into the boxes online. You can also email your application to us at Only complete applications will be considered – so be sure to include all documents requested.

Notes to Candidates: There are certain conditions that you must continue to meet to remain eligible for this scholarship. They are:

  • You must remain academically eligible at the school/university you are attending,
  • You must complete 24 credit hours in the prior academic year,
  • You must remain a student in good standing and have no outstanding disciplinary proceedings pending,
  • You must present proof of enrollment for each academic year.
  • You must send an unofficial transcript to the foundation at the end of each semester
  • You must contact the foundation with the above required criteria

    I have read and understand the conditions of the Zukowski Family Foundation Scholarship explained in the current Notes to Candidates for Scholarships. I affirm that this application is my own work. I affirm the information contained herein is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief. By entering your name and your guardian’s name in the forms below, you agree to the above terms.


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